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Roots, Corms, Tubers, Bulbs

     Chapter 10.1

Indian potato, sweet vetch, eskimo potato, licorice root, bear root, alaska carrot (Hedysarum alpinum)

      Chapter 10.2

Tiger lillies

      Chapter 10.3

lily - yellow avalanche lily (Erythronium grandiflorum)

     Chapter 10.4

Rice Root Lily, indian rice, mission Bells, or kamchatka lily (Fritillaria) camschatcensis

      Chapter 10.5

Yampah - wild carrot, wild caraway (Perideridia gairdneri, synonym carum gairdneri)

      Chapter 10.6

Silverweed including pacific silverweed

      Chapter 10.7

Potato – haida potato

      Chapter 10.8

spring-beauty (Claytonia caroliniana) in the purslane family

      Chapter 10.9

Balsamroot (Babamorhiza sagittata)

      Chapter 10.10

Camas roots

      Chapter 10.11

Fern - edible fern rootstocks (e.g.spiny wood fern, Dryopteris species)

      Chapter 10.12

Sagittaria latifolia - arrowheat, wapato, "Indian swamp potato"

      Chapter 10.13

Bitterroot (Lewisia rediviva)

      Chapter 10.14

clover -springbankclover including rhizomes (Trifolium wormskioldii)

      Chapter 10.15

Turnip - prairie turnip, Indian breadroot (Psoralea esculenta)

      Chapter 10.16

Skunk cabbage(Lysichitom americanus)

      Chapter 10.17

Yellow Sand verbena (Abronia latifolia)

      Chapter 10.18

Lady fern(Athyrium filix-femina)

      Chapter 10.19

Chocolate Lily (Fritillaria lanceolata)

      Chapter 10.20

Scirpus lacustris

      Chapter 10.21

Sedge family

      Chapter 10.22

Sweet cicely (Osmorhiza chilensis)

      Chapter 10.23

Allium Canadense’s

      Chapter 10.24

Two-Leaved Toothwort

      Chapter 10.25

Desert parsley carrot(Lomatium macrocarpum)

      Chapter 10.26

Alpine Bistort

      Chapter 10.27

North wakashan wild carrots

      Chapter 10.28

Pteridium Aquillinum

      Chapter 10.29

Water parsnips

      Chapter 10.30

Ginseng family bulbs

      Chapter 10.31

Lomatium Cous

      Chapter 10.32

Shagbark hickory tree

      Chapter 10.33

Indian Ricegrass(Oryzopsis hymenoides and Achnatherum hymenoides)

      Chapter 10.34

Northern bugleweed(Lycopus uniflorus)

      Chapter 10.35

Erythronium revolutum

      Chapter 10.36

False solomon’s seal

      Chapter 10.37

Sword Fern

      Chapter 10.38

Yellow Pond Lily (Nuphar Variegatum)

      Chapter 10.39

Silverweed (Potentilla species)